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Welcome to Simcoe Skies! This "back deck observatory" is located near Lake Simcoe, in Ontario Canada. On this website, you'll find tips, ideas, data, and information from my ongoing saga in amateur astronomy.

Please note that the webcam settings noted with images are for a 10" Schmidt-Newtonian reflector. They are recorded for my own reference when seeking improvements, and also to provide a starting point for others pursuing the same targets.

SAVE THE SKY for our kids! More and more stars are disappearing from the night sky due to inefficient use of outdoor lighting. Please do your part... click here for information about what you can do to help preserve our star-filled nights and keep this beautiful natural resource for our kids.

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Clearsky Clock for Lake Simcoe

What's New: (6 month running list)

  • Aug 2011 - NOTHING IS NEW! I've been taking a sabbatical from astronomy and spending more time on music.
  • Supermoon full moon coming June 23, 2013. Don't sweat it if you miss it, it's an annual "event" where the moon might somehow seem brighter, but the human eye really doesn't do quantitative comparisons well without a second "control" object.

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    If you like, you can read part of my philosophy on life that's been strongly influenced by this hobby.